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10th March 2020 | Phishing & Social Engineering
Suitability: Applicable to all. All employees are susceptible to phishing and social engineering.
Level: Beginner

Phishing is a commonly used phrase surrounding email security but what is it and how does it cause such large scale attacks? Learn about latest phishing and social engineering trends and how to stop them through this webinar.

Cost: £50.00 | REGISTER

26th March 2020 | Introduction to Conveyancing
Suitability: This webinar is suitable for anyone who would benefit from an overview of the conveyancing process including administrators, receptionists, support staff, those who are new to the sector and professionals from other legal departments.
Level: Beginner

This webinar will cover the integral steps in the conveyancing journey to ensure that all viewers leave with a clear understanding of the legal processes and procedures involved in a simple residential property transaction.

Cost: £50.00 | REGISTER

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