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Perfect Portal helps you attract more conveyancing work and increase your profits; affording you independence throughout each transaction.

The purpose-built conveyancing sales management system puts you in control of the conveyancing process by giving you visibility of activity including quotes, referrer activity, and milestones for each transaction.

An interactive dashboard is at the heart of the end-to-end system. Your conveyancing team has visibility of all transaction activity, while clients can check sections of the transaction that relate to them, and estate agents have the added ability to log transaction activity. Each party has a dedicated login portal, so they see only what relates to them. Automated activity notifications save you time by replacing phone calls and emails about the status of a matter.
Generate multiple fee scales for each estate agent, so they have the flexibility to quote competitively and win more business. Use the system to strengthen relationships with your estate agents mortgage brokers.

In addition, sophisticated reporting tracks all inbound leads; from enquiry to completion of the matter. Analyse your conversion rates and discover opportunities to win more work for your firm.
Perfect Portal can generate and email quotes in just one minute; and allows you to follow-up leads at the click of a button, using customised email templates.
Boost your competitiveness further with a custom-built website that includes a client quote calculator. Be open for inbound business opportunities 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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