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We have a vision to streamline the property transaction for the benefit of all. We’ve set ourselves the challenge of making life easier for everybody involved in the property transaction. We do this through our innovation and experience, by employing great people and by listening to you.

Our innovative solutions enable simplification and automation; they manage risk and make the process more straightforward for you.

That’s why we promise: We make time for you.

Our award-winning conveyancing platform, providing more property searches than any other provider. It also includes integrated insurance services, our Quote Conversion Tool and risk management tools.

Our online property data hub which helps local authorities and other search providers streamline their operations, save time and reduce costs.

A platform used by the various parties involved in a property transaction to access and share information on the progress. It has handled over 120,000 transactions in 2015 and we’re adding more services to it every month.

Our technology
We harness innovation to simplify the handling of property transactions for our clients. We continue to invest extensively in IT development so that we can bring you market-leading solutions.
This ensures you receive excellent service with real value.

We have developed online services that join up over 400 data suppliers and give you access to all the information you need in one secure system.
tmgroup is widely recognised in the industry and involved in many organisations dedicated to improving the conveyancing process for everyone. As well as being Microsoft certified, tm is a leading member of the OSCRE board, whose aim is to standardise automated electronic information exchange, and an executive member of COPSO complying with the SearchCode standard.

For further information: Visit or contact our team on 0844 249 9200 or email [email protected]

Contact: Paul Albone

Tel: 01793 714 801

Email: [email protected]

1200 Delta Business Park

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