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Lawyer Checker was created in direct response to the risk associated with sending purchase funds to the vendors’ conveyancer. Conveyancing is an extremely attractive prospect for fraudsters, with in excess of £1 billion changing hands on a daily basis. On top of this, Experian reported that mortgage fraud happens 1 in every 300 transactions.

The ever-growing Lawyer Checker database has over 5 years of historical data, with a footprint created for each and every account number. This supports adherence to Principle 10.

The team at Lawyer Checker are committed to helping you, your team and your firm offer the best protection to your clients and their money during the transaction process.

Account & Entity Screen (AES) provides you with enhanced risk management in fund transmission by checking the account details you are sending funds to against the unique and extensive Lawyer Checker database. The database then determines whether the account you searched against has a track record of successful usage within conveyancing.

Contact: Tom Lyes, Business Development Executive

Tel: 0800 133 7127

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