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About inCase

Our mentality is as lawyers first of all and then as technology providers secondly. Our unique background means we know the difficulties and obstacles that lawyers face on a daily basis. Along with the pressures and desires business owners hold in running their firms. We also recognise that the legal sector is a little behind other industries in terms of its use of technology in meeting ever increasing client service expectations. inCase was born to revolutionise the way, we as lawyers, interact with our clients. The sole focus of inCase is to greatly increase client satisfaction whilst providing large efficiencies to the lawyer.

inCase is a mobile platform that seamlessly integrates into your CMS, so your lawyers don’t do anything differently to utilise the very best in client communication. It was designed by lawyers for lawyers and cost-effectively provides the very best technology for our industry.

inCase has four main benefits, namely:

  1. The huge increase it provides to Customer Service and Satisfaction
  2. It provide vast resource efficiencies – reduce client phone calls by 70%
  3. Improve Security – Your mobile phone is one of the most secure devices!
  4. Grow your business – Provide the very best in client service and be ahead of the industry – a Unique Selling Point!

Increase Customer Service and Satisfaction

  • Make Your Clients Feel Valued and Informed Throughout – Clients can access inCase anywhere and at anytime. That busy client can reply to your enquiries at the first chance they get, even if they have just finished a night shift! Using inCase means that your firm are providing a service that suits your clients and your client satisfaction rates will never be better!
  • Faster and Higher Levels of Communication – How quick can you complete cases if you are not reliant on the post. inCase provides the ability to send letters, messages and documents to your clients instantly.
  • Let Your Clients Feel Informed About The Process – What is the main reason clients phone their lawyer? – They want to know what is going on. Let them understand the process from day one and inCase will manage their expectations throughout. Additionally, inCase will send ‘push notifications’ to your clients.
  • Keep Your Client Updated 24/7 Without Doing Anything! – Our seamless integration with your CMS means your client is updated automatically and your lawyers don’t have to do anything!

Increase Efficiency

  • Complete Integration – We integrate inCase seamlessly with your current case management systems – We have done more integrations than anyone! Our experience makes it the smoothest of operations. For a full list of compatible CMS systems click here.
  • Reduce client calls by up to 70% – inCase does not aim to completely replace calls to clients, it merely takes the need away for the client to call. Meaning Lawyers are more efficient and get matters concluded earlier.
  • Reduces Timelines – inCase speeds up communication into the 21st Did you know 1st class post is only guaranteed to arrive within 15 working days? Clients today are not happy to wait for items to be posted, so why not use inCase to exceed their expectations. With inCase you can get documents signed and returned in minutes! Reducing case timelines by weeks! Meaning you are being paid quicker and can do more work in the same period of time!
  • Reduce Workload for Lawyers – Are you trying to balance making your Lawyers’ time as profitable as possible, whilst maximizing the service levels they can provide? inCase improves both! We fully integrate to work alongside your current Case Management System. The lawyer still presses ‘send’ onto that letter/document, but with inCase it automatically and securely sends it to the client in seconds.


Reduce your risk to fraud and money laundering

  • Fraud and Money Laundering – According to the NatWest 2017 Legal Benchmarking Report, 24% of legal firms had been hit by fraud or cybercrime within the last year! inCase helps provide a secure communication tool with your client, eliminating the need to post and email documents, whilst providing reassurance about the intended recipient.
  • inCase is More Secure Than Email, Calls and Post – To access the data on inCase, the client is automatically created a login from your CMS when you open a file. Most modern smartphones require fingerprint recognition to unlock the device and all require a unique pin to get into the phone. Additionally, if you lose you smartphone, no one can get into it and you can remotely reset your phone.
  • Bank Account Details –Whilst you can spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on increased security, the weakest link is always your client. They tend to use unsophisticated email providers and login passwords. Why not increase security by only confirming your bank details through inCase. They now need a finger print to send money!
  • Client Identification – Are you asking clients to send copies or verified copies of ID over email? Is that really safe for them and you? inCase makes it a lot safer.
  • Data Protection – How do you know the person at the end of the phone or email is genuine and is genuine every time you contact them? It’s difficult, but inCase provides a much better platform to release and manage data.

Headline: ‘A recent survey by DMARC shows that 99% of law firms are still vulnerable to email fraud.

Grow Your Business

  • Improve your client service via multiple communication channels and efficient processes – better service, with less work!
  • More Clients – Manage cases more efficiently and communicate faster and better, to expand your client base via better service.
  • Enhanced Marketing – Create a new USP with inCase, make dealing with your firm superior to that of your competitors. Even use your branding to complement your own corporate identity.
  • Completely Scalable with Continuous Upgrades – inCase is ‘self-sufficient’ out of the box and can be altered to suit your bespoke business requirements then scaled up to meet demand. We also make sure your investment is future-proof by continually developing inCase to be at the forefront of technology.
  • Track Behaviours and See Relevant and Accurate Management Information – You can improve and grow your business by measuring areas of your operation that you didn’t think was possible. Having trouble obtaining client feedback, inCase makes it easy. Cannot understand why your lawyers handle so many calls at a particular stage in the transaction, inCase will tell you why. Want to reward the most proactive and client focused lawyers in your environment, inCase lets you.