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BCP is an international Law Firm whose Head Office is based in Marbella (Spain). It was established in 1998, opened its London Office in 2003, and also has offices in Alicante (Spain), Portugal and Morocco. For many years BCP has been chosen by UK law firms and other Professionals as their International Law Firm partner of choice for the following reasons:

  • Vastly Experienced – Our experts provide high quality legal advice which mirrors the personal level of service given by UK law firms and other Professionals to their clients.
  • Specialists – in particular in International Conveyancing, International Probate and associated Tax Advice
  • Client Retention  – UK law firms and other Professionals keep control of their clients at all times and we ensure that they are regularly updated on the progress of their matter.
  • Outstanding Customer Care – Our UK staff bridge the cultural and language divides which can often cause confusion and uncertainty.
  • Personal Attention – No call centres. No outsourcing. We are one law firm providing a first class and personal service. We are not an association or group of individual lawyers.
  • No Threat – We operate a strict non-poaching policy.
  • Additional Income Stream – Working with BCP ensures UK law firms will receive regular, additional income via SRA regulated referral and fee sharing arrangements.

Full details about the firm and its services can be found on the website www.bcplawfirm.com

Contact: Ian Coupland

Tel: 020 7936 9072 or 0771 287 5751

Email: [email protected]

107-111 Fleet Street

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