Yet Another Search for Conveyancers to Consider?

Stewart Title Already Has it Covered

Conveyancers are now being faced with even more choices when deciding what “usual searches” they need to conduct when acting for a buyer.

Since 2006, there has been no need for conveyancers to check whether a property might fall within the areas affected by ancient and modern brine mining, since the Coal Authority included a search of the records showing reserves and mining (known as a Cheshire Salt Search) in the reply to the CON29M Report.

As of 1 June 2018 however, the standard CON29M no longer includes a search of the Cheshire Brine Subsidence Board records. These searches are necessary for properties in the affected areas, as Cheshire is rich in salt reserves which are dissolved into brine.  Conveyancers will have an added step to check whether a proposed purchase is in the area affected before choosing whether to do a separate Cheshire Salt Search.

The good news is that Stewart Title’s bespoke and online No Search Policies already include cover against losses arising from matters which might be revealed by all relevant mining and minerals searches, including Cheshire Salt Searches.

In addition to saving conveyancers the time associated with considering which searches to conduct, cover is available for the same low premium.

Stephen Smith, Stewart Title’s UK Country Manager, said “saving you time and your clients money has always been our aim and our No Search Policies are a perfect example of how we realise this goal.”

No Search Policies are available via Stewart Title’s online ordering platform at and Bespoke Policies can be ordered at [email protected].

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