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Searches UK offers a number of products to assist companies in generating more business and protecting their clients.

Searches UK is a leading search provider specialising in a full range of professional conveyancing services for both residential and commercial properties. With a team of industry professionals and efficient search agents, it provides a fast, reliable, accurate and cost-effective service, and offers a number of products to assist companies in generating more business and protecting their clients. Above all, Searches UK is a personal company that will go above and beyond to accommodate individual customer requirements, as shown by its Quick Quote system and the Buyer Protect reimbursement scheme.

Searches UK’s Quick Quote system helps Solicitors and Conveyancers grow their conveyancing volumes, improve customer delivery and save valuable time and money.

The software, which can be easily integrated onto internal case management systems that Solicitors and Conveyancers already have in place, helps to increase connections with agents, intermediaries and clients to enhance customer service and secure more business.

The online system provides real time updates, instant conveyancing quotes, case tracking and panel management functionality. Clients of Solicitors and Conveyancers can also access the portal with their own login details and to maintain corporate branding the system can be customised to each firm.

Buyer Protect, one of the first reimbursement schemes to enter the market from a search provider, protects the investment of home buyers in the event of the purchase of their property falling through.

There are various costs related to purchasing a property including mortgage lender arrangement fees, product and booking fees, valuations fees, solicitor’s fees and disbursement costs. Home buyers can claim up to £2,050 if their property transaction fails and the Buyer Protect Reimbursement scheme has been added to their search order. Terms and conditions apply.

These schemes cover home buyers for a multitude of reasons, such as:

  • the property is withdrawn from sale by the vendor due to reasons beyond the home buyers control; or,
  • the vendor receives and accepts an offer from another buyer, which is a minimum of £1,000 greater than the offer they previously accepted from the first home buyer; or,
  • the vendor is not legally entitled to sell the property or to transfer interest in the property.

“These services are a great addition to the conveyancing searches that clients already have access to when using Searches UK. Quick Quote is an easy to use software that helps all professionals dealing with the property purchase to track and monitor the key stages of cases.” commented Lisa Summerton, Sales & Marketing Director.

She added: “Our Buyer Protect scheme is such a valuable and worthwhile product to invest in – we’ve had nothing but positive feedback from clients using the scheme. It is exclusive to Searches UK and we will continue to develop products and services that positively help our clients.”

In the event of needing to make a claim, home buyers can simply visit the Searches UK website and complete a very straightforward form, as well as upload any relevant documents to substantiate the losses. The claim will be reviewed within 7 working days and if successful, payment will be sent within 10 working days thereafter: simple and easy.

Full details about Quick Quote and the Buyer Protect Reimbursement Scheme can be obtained by calling the Searches UK free phone number on 0800 043 1815 or by emailing [email protected].

Searches UK provide residential and commercial conveyancing searches, as well as other added value services including Lawyer Checker products, Compliance Checks and AML I.D. Checks.

To find out more about any of the products or services offered by Searches UK visit Opening an account is quick and easy – please ask one of their Conveyancing Specialists to set this up for you today to start placing orders with Searches UK by calling 0800 043 1815.

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