What lies beneath your London property?

When moving into a multi-million pound home in London what would your first thought be? Who are my neighbours? How secure is my house? How many bedrooms does it have? You probably wouldn’t even consider how close it is to a tube line or that the tube line could cause vibrations throughout the property.

The Beckhams learnt the hard way, reportedly having experienced vibrations and shaking throughout their property due to tube trains in the vicinity, particularly during rush hour traffic.

Buying a property whatever your budget can be a stressful and emotional time, without the added stress of experiencing vibrations once you have moved in.

Many homeowners only view their prospective property a couple of times, and many wouldn’t consider the impact underground transport can have on a property, especially in a quiet, expensive street in London. Homeowners may think they are lucky being close to tube stations, making their commutes a little easier, but do they actually realise the impacts this could have on their property and well-being.

Ensure you and your clients are aware of all the facts prior to purchase by obtaining a GroundSure Underground report; a detailed report featuring information on the location and approximate depth of underground tunnels in relation to a property. For further information please contact GroundSure on 08444 159 000 or visit www.groundsure.com.

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