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Introducing TerraSearch Coal and TerraSearch Coal Extra

What is it?

Terrafirma have introduced two brand new searches – TerraSearch Coal and Terrasearch Coal Extra to compete with the Official Coal search.

What are the benefits of the Terrasearch Coal?

The search contains Official Coal Authority data and residential Con29M compliant reporting (past, present and future), however with the ADDED BONUS of:

  • A professional opinion included in the report
  • An additional £50,000 insurance
  • £10 million PI cover
  • 100% compliant with IFTF guidelines

So why should I get a Terrasearch Coal Extra? (AT NO EXTRA COST!)

Not only does this encompass the above but it also includes:

  • Alerts of an additional 55 mining hazards e.g. chalk
  • Past extraction
  • Present extraction

All of this at no extra cost than the Terrasearch Coal as mentioned above.

So why are the additional 55 mining hazards important?

Casting our minds back to October 2015, a 20m wide and 10m deep sinkhole appeared on Fontmell Close. Five homes were evacuated and more than 50 homes were left without power, water or sanitation. Some residents have were unable to move back into their home until December 2016; over a year later. The street was built on a former clay and chalk pit and mine workings were blamed for the giant sinkhole – something a coal report would have failed to register.

A Terrafirma Coal Extra report would have alerted to the chalk mines, which could have been the saving grace for one of the residents who had bought their home on Fontmell Close only four days before the sinkhole emerged.

To put this into perspective, in Greater London alone:

  • 575 sand and gravel pits are currently active with over 80% already built over
  • 509 chalk mines are present
  • 221 clay pits exist

There are over 172,000 recorded coal mineshafts and over 405,000 recorded non-coal mineshafts in UK.  It is estimated that only 1 in 3 mineshafts are recorded.


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