Webinar: Maximising Your Conveyancing Enquiries

Ever wonder what your customers really experience when they contact your offices?

The way a member of your team answers and subsequently handles a phone call can make or break a relationship with your prospective client.

In a busy conveyancing office, it might be forgiven if the odd phone call goes to voicemail. But firms are losing out on conveyancing business daily.

As a result of firms failing to convert quotes they provide, its estimated that £1 million is lost in the conveyancing sector each year. But with only 3% of firms asking for the work, is this figure really surprising?

Homebuyers and movers, who look for conveyancing services, often obtain three quotes. Research from InfoTrack’s ‘Home Moving in the Age of the Consumer’ report, shows that movers are willing to pay a little more for convenience. So, failing to capitalise on these enquiries can have a detrimental impact on your business.

There are steps firms can take to shore up this problem.

Partaking in mystery shops to find out areas where they can improve can help law firms to equip themselves to handle conveyancing enquiries effectively.

Join our upcoming webinar

In our upcoming webinar, we will explore how Mystery Shopping can help to asses the effectiveness of your inbound enquiry handling and identify areas of improvement.

How can a mystery shopping exercise help you convert more inbound enquiries?

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