We are pleased to announce…

What a great month – a massive congratulations to our team for the great score we received on our first customer service survey.

71% of our customers scored us top – very satisfied.

21% scored us the next level down, which is amazing so just under perfect!

Subtracting the lowest scores from the highest gives the magic Net Promoter Score – globally recognised as a measure of customer loyalty. We scored 63, which is fantastic, thank you to everyone who responded!

We are thrilled that our clients hold us in such high esteem and we will do everything we can to make sure we continue to provide excellent customer service. 

Our next survey will be asking you what you read, to help us decide where to advertise. The lucky prize winner will be getting a framed, signed gold Olympic medallist shirt. 

If you do not receive your customer survey invite within the next week, please check your junk mail or contact Sarika

The CDS Board are delighted to announce that last Sunday we were listed in this year’s Sunday Times Tech Track Top 100 fastest growing companies.  The technology advances we have made over recent years have given us the platform to grow our business but it does not just come down to this: we want to thank each and every one of you as our clients, who has played a significant part and we cannot express our appreciation enough.

A big thank you again to everyone!

IPT increase ahead 

With the good news, unfortunately comes a spot of bad! 

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