Understanding flood risk infographic

Groundsure has created an infographic detailing key flood risk to potential property purchasers. The data used was collated from the most accurate and reliable sources (e.g JBA and Environment Agency) and covers England and Wales. This infographic was produced to help simplify different types of flood risk, the common misconceptions and how the cost of a flooded home compares with fire damage and burglary.

Whilst many potential home owners won’t necessarily consider the risk of flooding, it is a very serious issue and we strongly believe it should be at the top of any potential purchaser’s agenda. To quantify the scale of the issue, there are over 5 million homes at risk of flooding, which equates to 1 in 6 homes. It is one of the highest priority risks and is up alongside catastrophic terrorist attacks and pandemic influenza.

We believe that flood risk should be a key consideration for anyone looking to purchase a property, and recommend that land flooding history should be investigated before completing a purchase. The average cost of flooding is considerably more than that of a burglary and of fire damage combined, however, very few people have invested in flood protection for their properties. A recent survey of 2000 people claimed that only 8% had taken out flood protection measures.

Groundsure helps home buyers manage that risk and understand the issues by providing detailed flood risk assessment amongst other environmental factors. As well as flood risk assessments, Groundsure works to help solicitors, homebuyers, businesses, consultants, surveyors and lenders make more informed property-transaction decisions, offering with precise, up-to-date environmental-report data and expert insight and opinion.

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