The Society of Licensed Conveyancers comments on the property industry announcement on new and improved LPE1 form

The LPE1 Working Group – which includes representatives from the Society of Licensed Conveyancers, the Law Society, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) experts has today announced that a second edition of the Leasehold Property Enquiries Form (LPE1) is due to be published this month.

Simon Law, Chairman of the Society of Licensed Conveyancers (SLC) said:

“The SLC is delighted to have been part of this important initiative which will serve to improve the buying process for consumers. Over time, as standardisation becomes familiar to all property professionals, the quality of information, speed of its provision and potential longer term cost savings will benefit those buying and selling Leasehold Title.

“Licensed Conveyancers, as specialist property lawyers are expected to widely and quickly embrace use of the new forms. The Society believes that further enhancement to the transfer of Leasehold Title can then only be achieved by engagement with the Land Registry in order to fully investigate the role they can play in improving the process and the availability of leasehold information.”

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