The Rise Of Webinars In Conveyancing

Webinars have always been a great tool for business, but never more so than during the Covid-19 crisis period.

Social distancing restrictions meant that conferences, training and events were suddenly completely off-limits. This left legal firms with both a gap in their marketing and struggling to provide employees with continued development. Webinars in conveyancing quickly solved the problem, and are now growing in popularity throughout the legal sector.

Social distancing might be winding down, but there are still restrictions in place which make attending events difficult. Adopting webinars as part of your business model is a great, cost-effective long-term solution and in this article we’re going to look at why.

They Provide Enhanced Staff Training

Webinars in conveyancing are first and foremost the best way to continue developing your employees skills. Hosted by industry experts, they’re a great source of up-to-date information on the constantly changing and evolving world of law. Participants can learn about a variety of conveyancing topics, from land registration issues and property transactions to more topical subjects, such as reporting in a post Covid-19 world.

There’s the added bonus that webinars are generally archived after the live event. This means that each attendee is invited to re-watch at a later date, making sure they can catch up on anything they missed the first time around.

Webinars in Conveyancing are Cost Effective

One of the biggest plus points for webinars is that they’re incredibly cost-effective. While you usually have to register your interest, attendance is generally free and doesn’t require a ticket. At Index Property Information, we’ve partnered with a range of industry experts to provide a series of training sessions which won’t cost you a penny. We’ve previously covered topics such as land registration and residential conveyancing and dealing with negligence claims, and have more lined up for July and August.

Aside from the lack of fee for the webinar itself, there’s also the fact that staff can undertake webinar training from the home or office. This means that there’s no extra travel or accommodation expenses to consider, and your employees are able to multitask, continuing with their normal workload at the same time.

They’re Often Interactive

While webinars are often simply a presentation, it’s possible to attend some which are more interactive and immersive. With the current social distancing restrictions still in place, the opportunity to network with other professionals and experts is extremely limited.

Interactive webinars give the attendees the opportunity to ask questions, give feedback and enjoy discussions with their peers and leaders in real-time.

At Index Property Information, we’ve partnered with several industry experts to provide your staff with comprehensive training. Our Webinars for July and August are as follows:

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