The new normal

The festivities are over for another year. Now it’s time to tidy up.

The wrapping paper is in the recycling bin, the wine bottles in the glass banks and we have just spent an hour hoovering up all the pine needles from the tree. Well we will probably still be finding those in the summer!

The house looks bare now, but it will soon feel like home again.

Right now home seems a distant dream for hundreds of people across the UK who had to cancel Christmas due to flooding.

December 2015 has been named the wettest month since Met Office records began. Storms and torrential rain has caused rivers to burst their banks bringing a torrent of water rushing through residential streets, with water levels reaching waist high. Bridges have collapsed cutting off villages, buildings have been destroyed, people have had to be evacuated from their homes and there has even been deaths.

The rain is relentless, as I write this there are 140 flood alerts and 23 flood warnings in place and there is still more to come1.

With climate change being partly blamed and reports that devastating floods will become the new normal it is imperative that your client is made aware of any potential flood risks2.

We at Conveyancing Data Services offer an online ordering platform which actually checks the postcode you enter and recommends searches you should consider. This provides you with due diligence and will make your clients aware of anything, such as flooding, which could affect the enjoyment of their property.

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