The Angel Islington Blue £100

The Angel Islington is the first blue property and the third cheapest on the Monopoly board priced at £100.

The Angel Islington is not a place in London, it is the only property on the board which is a single building, named after the Angel Inn and Hotel on 1 Islington High Street situated in the London Borough of Islington. The London Borough of Islington is the third smallest local authority in the capital, covering just over six square miles but it boasts the highest population density of any borough in England.

Islington High Street is a place of ancient settlement and was originally called Giseldone, then Gislandune. In 1086 it had altered to Isendone, then Iseldone which remained the name until the 17th Century when it changed to Islington.

Most of the land in Islington belonged to religious institutions in the Middle Ages, however after the disintegration of monasteries between 1536 and 1540 most of the land was given to aristocratic families. In the early sixteenth century the Angel was known as Sheepcote and was part of the extensive lands that belonged to St John’s priory. By 1614 the inn that was depicted as the biggest building on this side of Islington was called the Angel. It was of sufficient importance to be used for the holding of the manorial courts.

By 1666 The Angel was a major inn and post-house. It had 23 hearths and provided extensive lodging for livestock traders and long distance travellers who travelled from the north and didn’t want to arrive in the city after dark and vulnerable.

By the early eighteenth century the Angel was the largest and most renowned coaching inn along Islington High Street, however it was rebuilt in 1819-20 reducing the size and creating a new stable yard. Numerous upgrades to the exterior and interior of the building were carried out and in 1880 the Angel was promoted to the status of ‘one of the greatest landmarks of London’

In 1903 The Angel Hotel was again rebuilt in a Baroque style architecture with a defining dome. It is these architectural features that make it a prominent feature on Islington High Street today.

In 1921 the Angel became a flagship Lyon’s café and it is said that while sat in the cafe, the secretary to the founder of John Waddington Ltd decided to include the Angel Islington as one of the lowlier locations on the British version of the Monopoly board. It is also mentioned in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens: “The coach rattled away, and turning when it reached the Angel at Islington, stopped at length before a neat house in Pentonville”

The Angel currently accommodates a branch of the Co-operative Bank.

Listed Buildings


  • 13 Islington High Street former house built in 1820
  • 80 Islington High Street Late 18th Century Terraced Houses, now an office
  • 96 and 98 Islington High Street Terraced Houses, now shops
  • 100-104 Islington High Street Early 19th Century Terraced Houses, now shops



In April 2014 plans to build 1000 homes in Islington was approved, of which 30% will be affordable. There are also plans to build a 190 room hotel, a crèche and retail and office space. The scheme will comprise a 42 and 36 storey tower block and will create up to 1000 jobs.

There are also two other large developments in Islington, a £130 million redevelopment of the Packington Estate which overlooks the canal and the redevelopment of the large Edwardian Post Office as a £60 million mixed use development.



  • The average sold price of a Flat in June 2014 was £569,981
  • The average sold price of a Terraced House in June 2014 was £1,537,992.
  • If purchasing a property in Islington Conveyancing Data Services recommended searches are Groundsure Energy, Groundsure Underground Report and a Groundsure HS2.
  • The average rent of a two bedroom flat in Islington is £2308
  • The nearest Underground is The Angel
  • Islington High Street is in the Congestion Charge Zone. You have to pay an £11.50 daily charge if you drive between 07.00 and 18.00, Monday to Friday.



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