Terrafirma head receives Outstanding Achievement Award

Tom Backhouse recognised for innovative approach to UK mining risk and ground stability at 2017 Modern Law Conveyancing Awards.26 July 2017, Bristol, UK – Tom Backhouse, Managing Director of mining-instability risk assessment solutions provider, Terrafirma, has received the Outstanding Achievement at this year’s Modern Law Conveyancing Awards which was held in Liverpool on Thursday 13 July. Tom, a passionate contributor to the geoscience community was recognised for the innovative approach he had taken to understanding UK mining risk and ground stability that has seen Terrafirma, in just two years, become a commercially viable business, recognised as one of the UK’s leading independent player in this sector.

Terrafirma was also represented at the award as sponsors of the Conveyancing Firm of the Year Award for the South of England region which was won by Eric Robinson Solicitors with Smart Legal coming runner up. Their success was based on demonstrating the following: customer service from start to finish, approach to dealing with any service issues or complaints, client and introducer retention and new business policy, commitment to staff loyalty and retention, contribution to the local economy, approach to IT security and cybercrime prevention, overall approach to risk and present and short-term strategy and their overall ambitions.

“Terrafirma completely disrupts the way in which professionals within the Built Environment Sector perceive and act upon the risk the ground poses,” Tom explains. “The past two years has been spent working extremely hard to create a streamlined risk assessment process that underpins a suite of user-friendly search reports now present in one in two property transactions across England and I feel honoured to be recognised by my peers across the industry in the shape of this award.”

As previously mentioned Tom is passionate about geoscience and has provided more than 200 hours of webinars, lectures, training sessions and Continuous Professional Development in just 12 months. He also works with local universities across the South West region and governmental departments such as the British Geological Survey, to help build an education campaign communicating the importance of Earth and Geosciences to the public, whilst regularly presenting at local, regional and national academic and professional conferences.

Terrafirma works with a local and national network of partners, to create, maintain and grow the UK’s most comprehensive map of mineral extraction and geohazards that can be applied to property transactions and development across England and Wales.  Terrafirma has quickly become the market-leading nationwide provider of all geohazard searches and offer professional guidance beyond the search stage, with tailored referrals to local experts and approved industry specialists. 

The TerraSearch® suite of reports is now available through Terrafirma’s authorised partner network. For further information visit http://www.minesearches.co.uk/ or call 0330 900 7500.

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