Technology – friend or foe?

The advance of technology has many great benefits ranging from saving us time, keeping our documents organised and in a central record alongside the convenience, accessibility and flexibility of various systems, websites and ordering platforms.

There is no doubt that technology has a number of fantastic advantages, however with an increasing reliance and dependence on IT based systems it raises concerns about doing enough to safeguard confidential information.

Searches UK are all too aware of this issue and actively work towards diminishing and reducing these problems for solicitors and conveyancers. Their secure online ordering platform allows each user to set their own passwords and real time email notifications are issued to all users when a password is updated, together with ordering and search completion notifications.

Fraudsters are savvy to the ways solicitors and conveyancers work and use cunning methods to target professionals working in the property industry. Bogus firms are a growing problem with criminals aiming to steal client funds by posing as cloned vendor firms.

Lawyer Checker, which can be ordered from Searches UK, allows solicitors and conveyancers to check the previous use of client accounts to which they are sending funds to better assess the risk associated with the transaction – enabling firms to combat the risk of vendor fraud.

Searches UK also include Anti-Money Laundering ID Checks (AML Checks) in their portfolio of products, which helps to verify your clients quickly and easily. These checks interrogate a multitude of electronic data sets for international and domestic members of public to clearly identify if the person is who they say they are.

Andrew Stenning, Managing Director, at Searches UK said:

“It is extremely important to assist our clients in maintaining high levels of confidentiality and privacy for their firms and clients. We have a number of useful products which help solicitors and conveyancers to reduce the level of risk during a property transaction, as well as a dedicated Risk & Compliance Director who is on hand to assist clients with their risk and compliance obligations. Searches UK are unique in that we ensure each client has a tailored and bespoke service to suit the needs of their firm.”

In recent months the property market has hit its highest point in over 18 months. Searches UK actively embrace the current market and remain one of the strongest search providers in the industry.

With the number of transactions rising and the time pressures put on solicitors and conveyancers by clients and other members in a chain, it is vital to work with a search provider who can meet and exceed those expectations, return accurate searches and help with risk management.

Risk and compliance is an extremely important area for solicitors and conveyancers in the property industry and the reason behind Searches UK appointing a dedicated member of the team to help with all queries relating to this topic. Assistance with CQS applications and Lexcel accreditations is available in addition to a wealth of material to improve practices and processes.

For more information about any of the products and services from Searches UK visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. Alternatively email them at [email protected] to speak to one of their dedicated team today.

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