A Survey by poweredbypie, a Dye & Durham Company, Points to How Conveyancers Can Use Technology to Enhance Their Proposition

Poweredbypie, a Dye & Durham company, has completed a survey of 500 homebuyers to find out how conveyancers can enhance their proposition with the use of technology. 

James Morris, Head of Product, Dye & Durham confirms:

With less face-to-face interaction since the start of the pandemic, we explored how new technology could help improve the interaction between conveyancers and their clients.

From the homebuyers surveyed who had transacted within the past three years, 83% of respondents agreed they would have found it useful to be able to track the progress of their home sale/purchase online either via a portal or an app.  When looking for quotes for conveyancing fees, a further 87% would have found it helpful (47% very helpful) to be able to get an instant quote directly on the law firm’s website.

James Morris continues:

When it comes to preferred methods of communication, 43% would rather liaise with their conveyancer via email, 19% via phone and only 11% face-to-face.   This does raise a potential ‘red flag’ as email communication is not secure due to the high risk of phishing attacks, and so there is an argument for more education for consumers about secure methods of communication such as a secure web portals.   Interestingly, from those who had access to a dedicated secure web portal for communication, 62% felt this improved communication.  We also found that 53% of respondents who had access to a mobile app found that improved communication, although mobile apps were unavailable for 24% of the sample.

Due to the need to comply with transparency of fees regulation, it is perhaps surprising that 25% of respondents confirmed there was no information on fees on their conveyancer’s website (7% of those did not have a website).

Overall, our survey indicates the high levels of satisfaction homebuyers have with their chosen conveyancer (over the past 18-months, we are pleased to report that 93% of homebuyers would recommend their conveyancer to another homebuyer).   For areas where improvements could be made in the transaction process, the results point to how technology can be best employed for the future and current consumer attitude towards new methods of communication.”

For further information about our own secure web portal, web quoting tools or our range of other solutions designed to improve efficiency and increase productivity for legal and business professionals, please see: www.poweredbypie.co.uk

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