SureMove Increase Social Media And Digital Presence

SureMove is embracing the future and bravely venturing into the digital world of social media.

When such a large section of the population utilise digital platforms every day, we found it necessary to improve our customer experience by providing communication platforms we all increasingly  demand. With that in mind, we would like to unveil our presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We also think it is important to offer as much information to consumers as we can. Feeling informed about the pertinent issues in the conveyancing process will hopefully reduce any anxieties that buyers may encounter.

Our regularly updated blog will offer insights into the home buying process without the unnecessary and confusing jargon.

Furthermore, our articles are also going to be exclusively distributed to our valued work providers via a new blog service*.

It is hoped that by providing these additional media streams, all of our users will be able to access our content and communicate with SureMove effectively and efficiently.

Additionally, we have started embracing service transparency by welcoming reviews from our valued customers. Our use of Trust Pilot enables us to invite customers to give their feedback on our services.

This constructive criticism, given in real time, will allow us to reflect on our service offerings and help us strive to improve the way we work in the future.

If you have any conveyancing concerns, SureMove’s professional team, with extensive practical experience, is ready to help.


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