Study shows huge opportunity to increase conveyancing fees

A new study from TM Group has revealed that almost a third of conveyancers failed to provide an estimate when contacted by phone to ask for their conveyancing fees. The findings, part of TM Group’s ongoing research programme, were made in their most recent mystery shopper exercise looking into the service offered by conveyancers when handling new business enquiries.

The research looked at the end to end process of a consumer looking to appoint a conveyancer and the results give insight into the areas of: online presence, call handling, building rapport and finally closing new business.

One of the biggest surprises from the exercise was the number of firms that didn’t provide either a quote on the phone call or follow up with a quote after the call.

Ben Harris, Marketing Director at TM Group commented: “With the range of tools available to help conveyancers, such as the TM quote conversion tool that assists conveyancers to provide an accurate quote within just a few seconds, it is a shock that so many firms don’t have this simple process taken care of.”

Some firms also seemed reluctant to take on new business, with one particular conveyancer stating, “We’re far too busy to take on any new clients.”

Ben continues: “With many firms keen to see an increase in conveyancing fees, this research identifies a huge opportunity to raise the customer service bar and for those that do, not only will they achieve a quick and effective way to stand out from their competition but also in the process, increase both their fees and new business conversion.”

The resulting report recommends 11 steps that decision makers at conveyancing firms can implement straight away to improve customer service and increase revenues.

For further details on the study and report, download a copy of the Customer Service Home Truths whitepaper report.

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