The Society Of Licensed Conveyancers Is Celebrating Its 30th Anniversary!

Free drinks and canapes to celebrate!

The Society of Licensed Conveyancers (SLC) which was incorporated on 15th March 1989 and today marks its 30th Anniversary! To celebrate the Society will be providing free drinks and canapes at its spring roadshows in May and June.

The Society was established to act as the professional body representing the interests of Licensed Conveyancers in England and Wales. Terrence Willey, Director at Terence Willey & Co and one of the founder members of the SLC said ‘I was privileged to be appointed in 1986 to the first Shadow Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) which was a Body established under the Administration of Justice Act 1985. After a few years, it unfolded that there was a necessity to create a professional Body for our new profession as clearly the CLC, being a Regulating Body under statute law, was unable to assist in any matters of a professional nature that arose for Licensed Conveyancers in the early days. It was agreed that the late Nigel Ewart-Evans, a Licensed Conveyancer and in private practice like me, and elected to the Council, would use his best endeavours to oversee the setting up and creation of a new Professional Body to be called the Society of Licensed Conveyancers and report back to the Council for the necessary formal authority and recognition.’

Nigel Ewart-Evans was elected the First Chairman of the Society which he served for many years. Former SLC Chairman, John Clay said ‘The Society prospered in the first few years with strong growth in membership. This was in part due to the desire to network with other conveyancers in a new profession, but also due to serious problems with the CLC. Many licensed conveyancers were experiencing difficulties with the CLC and were coming to the Society for assistance. These problems were resolved and over the years matters gradually improved such that the CLC and SLC now enjoy a very good relationship. The Society is now flourishing as it did at its inception, perhaps even more so, and the future looks good.’

Mike Ockenden, Head of Secretariat commented ‘30 years on and the Society of Licensed Conveyancers is in rude good health. With over 300 members and growing steadily the Society is stronger now than ever and surely Nigel Ewart Evans, the first Chairman, would be proud of his creation. Nobody has to join the SLC which means that people become members because they want to and not because they have to. This ensures that the Society is, and will always be, a member centric organisation delivering value through the services that it provides property lawyers. For the secretariat, it is a privilege and a pleasure to serve such an organisation and we look forward to doing so for many years to come. The added bonus is that the members are such nice people!’

Val Holmes, current SLC Chairperson said ‘Over recent years the SLC has undergone a transformation to focus on the needs of all property lawyers and its members in particular. In 2013, the SLC decided to open up its membership to Solicitors and Legal Executives who can join as Associates. There is no compulsion for Licensed Conveyancers to belong to the SLC and it means that the Society has to deliver real value for its members. Benefits include a library of Client guides, help with Lenders’ panels, a special Professional Indemnity Insurance scheme, free CPD Events and Nationwide roadshows amongst many others.’

The dates and venues for the Society’s Spring Road Shows for 2019 have now been confirmed as 8th May in Birmingham, 22nd May in London and 5th June in Manchester, and we are delighted to be working with the Land Registry in hosting these events.

To celebrate the SLC’s 30th Anniversary the Society will invite all delegates for free drinks and nibbles after each roadshow. For more information, please contact [email protected] or visit


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