Sleepy hollow

Since 2012 over 160 people in the Kazakhstan village of Kalachi have suffered from hallucinations, headaches, memory loss and have even fallen unconscious for days.

The reason why has been a mystery for years with doctors flummoxed by the strange behaviour omitted from the men, women and children with this illness.

But there has been a recent breakthrough; it seems that carbon monoxide pumping out from a disused uranium mine is to blame for the zombie like behaviour.

When the uranium mines were abandoned they began to fill with water from the ground and as the water rose, radon, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon gas escaped, causing oxygen levels to fall, poisoning the villagers.

223 families are now in the process of being evacuated, turning the village into a ghost town.

South Terras in Cornwall housed the Terras Mining District, where during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, uranium and radium were produced. The radioactive metal was used in nuclear reactors and atomic weapons. The mine finally closed in March 1930 when the full potential and dangers of uranium were just being discovered. Although the mine had been shut for over 80 years it is still leaking radiation as shown in this video.

If your client is moving into an area where mining was prominent it is advisable they obtain a mining search to discover if they will be affected in any way from past, present or proposed underground mining.

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