SearchFlow release new and improved mapping solution to conveyancers

SearchFlow is set to release a brand new mapping system, which promises conveyancers to make the search process easier and more efficient. The innovative new function uses the latest technology, the design being based on the needs of lawyers and feedback acquired from customers.

This updated system will allow for greater accuracy, making mark-up easier thanks to its array of new features and improvements. These latest advancements see the addition of aerial views, hectare measurements, clearer graphics and extended scales for an enhanced zoom function. It will also give users a number of ways to pin-point the search area required — be that manually or automated — which will offer greater flexibility and convenience.

"We know our customers are extremely busy and that convenience is a priority. The new mapping function is one of several steps that we’re taking to enhance the ordering experience for customers,” states John Pickford, Managing Director of SearchFlow. “Part of our wider promise to make lawyers’ lives easier, we’ve worked with our conveyancing customers to understand what they need and how we can make the search process more efficient. This bespoke mapping solution is more accurate, easier and faster to use.”

SearchFlow’s new mapping solution is due to be released to SearchFlow customers throughout September, October and November.

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