SearchFlow launches the most comprehensive mapping system with land registry’s latest dataset

Conveyancing search provider, SearchFlow has upgraded its online mapping system and ordering platform to incorporate Land Registry’s latest release of boundary data on freehold and leasehold properties.

The latest datasets on property boundaries are being phased into SearchFlow’s auto mapping service, following the Land Registry releasing its national polygon datasets showing the boundaries of 14 million registered land and or property titles.

SearchFlow’s auto mapping feature allows conveyancers to simply enter a postcode and the system intuitively finds and outlines the property boundary on the map, helping conveyancers reduce time spent dealing with information provided by Land Registry with improved convenience and confidence.

The auto mapping feature which was launched in March 2015 for freehold properties has now been updated to include all of the Land Registry dataset. It covers leasehold and additional parcels such as garages and parking spaces, offering the most comprehensive and efficient service.

Kris Clark, Head of Product at SearchFlow, comments: “I am delighted that the Land Registry dataset is now available and that we are the first provider to incorporate it into our online ordering system. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best service and solutions in the industry and this update will reduce time spent on mapping while improving accuracy. It will also be instrumental in powering some of the exciting features we have planned for our new data ordering platform.”

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