Searches UK Update

Firstly, and most importantly, we hope you are staying well and safe in these troubling times.

We are all aware that the property market is still facing some serious challenges but it is encouraging to see that our law firms are still having new property instructions pass through their doors.

Searches UK are processing conveyancing searches in the usual way with little disruption from Local Authorities enabling us to return searches to you within reasonable timescales and where Local Authorities are unable to provide full information, you can now choose to cover this missing information with our Search Information Indemnity..

Some of our law firms have spoken to us to let us know that now is a good time for them to attend training webinars and if there are any topics we haven’t currently arranged through our training academy, please do let us know what bespoke training you would like and we will try and arrange this for you. For further details please contact [email protected]

It just leaves us to say, we very much enjoy working with you and thank you for your continued support during these times and we will do our very best to ensure we continue to offer our law firms the service and guidance they have come to expect from us.

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