Searches UK deliver accurate and reliable data directly from the council

Searches UK understand the importance of providing their clients with reliable and accurate search information which comes directly from the original source of data.

They acknowledge the significance of maintaining up to date and complete records for properties in relation to environmental issues, local authority matters, flood risks and more.

With over 40 search agents, located across the country, Searches UK provide their clients with data straight from the council so their Regulated (Personal) Search information is as accurate as it possibly can be. A real person, with expert local knowledge, will also review this data to meaningfully interpret the information to reveal any potential risks to the property.

Lisa Summerton, Sales & Marketing Director, at Searches UK said:

“Providing reliable and accurate information to solicitors and conveyancers is extremely important to ensure they are providing the most up to date information on to their clients. There are lots of pressures put onto solicitors and conveyancers to be fully diligent when processing property transactions so delivering dependable information is an absolute must.”

Searches UK avoid retaining in-house data, preferring to instead rely on accurate information which comes straight from the council. The benefit of this approach means that homebuyers are less likely to be exposed as in-house information can quickly become out of date or incorrect.

Although these types of risks can be insured against, it is not ideal for homebuyers who may later need to make a claim due to wrong information being maintained – this is an unnecessary inconvenience which could have been avoided at the time the search was requested by obtaining information directly from the council.

Whilst in-house datasets can provide a quicker result for some solicitors and conveyancers who are pressured to complete property transaction quickly, the drawbacks of inaccurate data could result in further delays down the line.

As conveyancing search specialists in the property market, Searches UK can offer their clients access to local authority searches, drainage and water searches, environmental, flood, mining, planning and subsidence searches to name but a few.

They also have extremely close working relationships with environmental and planning search specialists such as Groundsure, Landmark, DevAssist, Future Climate Info and Terrafirma Mine Searches.

For more information about any of the products and services from Searches UK visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. Alternatively call them directly on 0800 043 1815 or email them at [email protected] to speak to one of their dedicated team today.

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