Are searches holding up your transactions?

For most clients, searches are something they’re unlikely to be familiar with.

Whilst we know how important they are in obtaining vital information on a property, your client is likely to see them as just another hurdle before they are handed the keys to their shiny new home.

Of course, searches are not just an obstacle for the hopeful buyer; more often than not, they’ll be a source of frustration for conveyancers too. It’s not difficult to see why.

For example, searches can often hold up transactions, mainly due to the number of steps which need to be taken before the reports are accessible.

Similarly, gathering the data from across a number of places can be complex, particularly when you’re managing the needs of multiple clients and trying to keep on top of multiple transactions.

However, this shouldn’t infringe on the importance Local Authority searches, particularly when it comes to establishing information on a property which could have a significant impact for your client.

Though Official Local Authority searches have been scrutinised in the past, the standard of delivery has grown tremendously over the last few years in line with digitisation, with turnaround time now matching the accuracy of data that these reports provide. By working collaboratively with innovative businesses in the sector, Local Authorities are able to curtail the previous obstacles faced, improving the flow of information as well as reducing cost.

Having recognised the problems that firms face, Big Property Data set out to simplify the search process for conveyancers.

Offering professionals an alternative to their regular search provider, Big Property Data’s services extend beyond report generation, with our expert team on hand to provide assistance through each step of the search process.

Hosting the data internally is also advantageous, allowing us to provide professionals with an extra level of support. For example, if a query is made in relation a particular search, we will easily be able to investigate the data and be quick to rectify any issues.

Big Property Data’s autonomous approach prioritises both the needs of conveyancers and their clients; by reducing both cost and turnaround times, the risk of delay is minimised.

To find out how you could benefit from our automated searches, please click here.

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