Stamp Duty drawbacks: Search Acumen comments on Budget

Andy Sommerville, Director of Search Acumen, comments on the drawbacks of the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, extending the Stamp Duty holiday until June in the Budget:

“Today’s stamp duty extension is not just welcome news for thousands of homebuyers-in-waiting. Extending the stamp duty holiday is also a tonic for thousands of conveyancers who have been under pressure to complete due diligence on an industrial scale against a pressing deadline, and risking burnout at a time when businesses are still under Government instructions to work from home.

“However, the Chancellor’s much-anticipated move simply defers rather than dodges the cliff-edge by putting it off until June. The stamp duty holiday has once again shown the flaws in traditional working practices and flagged the need to future-proof the property market with a data-driven approach to drive transactions through to completion.

“Given the technology at our fingertips, no homebuyer in 2021 should have to wait for weeks at the back of a queue for due diligence to be completed. Neither should any conveyancer have to apologise to their clients for delays caused by a system clearly past its sell-by date. Innovations like our Data Snapshot tool are crucial to shifting the transaction process up a gear by providing instant access to risk data accompanied by insurance, to help buyers avoid being caught in the stamp duty crush in three months’ time.”

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