Search Acumen comments On ONS Housebuilding Stats, Q3 2019

Andy Sommerville, Director at Search Acumen, comments:

“No one could accuse the nation’s housebuilders of giving us too much of a good thing. Right across the board – from the private sector to housing associations, and local authorities – building figures have plateaued. Except for a brief spike in late 2018, completion numbers have not approached the 50,000 milestone since the global financial crisis.

“It would be unfair to hold the housebuilders, be they public or private, wholly responsible. Politics, macro-economic forces and demographic changes have all worked to undermine growth in the housebuilding market.

“But with the more recent uplift in political certainty, we will likely see a surge in demand and those involved in the property market will need to embrace technology to improve existing processes. The intelligent use of technology, combined with the valuable insights gained from available data, can help us to anticipate and deliver on our building needs smartly and efficiently.”


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