Search Acumen Comments On ONS Construction Figures

Andy Sommerville, Director of Search Acumen, comments:

“UK construction continues to run, but nobody seems to know what on, or indeed, for how long. Elsewhere this week, experts have been discussing a potential crisis hitting the property market in twelve weeks’ time as UK markets continue to bristle with anxiety ahead of the Brexit deadline.

“A similar situation presents for the state of construction: it has slowed and the possibility that building might come to a standstill after October still looms large. A no-deal scenario is not of course the only outcome and construction may well get a new impetus once the industry knows how Brexit will turn out and is able to prepare accordingly.

“In the meantime, we mustn’t despair at the dampened activity and instead take August to rest, to regroup and prepare – if we play our cards right, we can land on our feet.”

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