Search Acumen comments on Homes England Annual Housing Statistics

Search Acumen comments on Homes England Annual Housing Statistics

Andy Sommerville, Director at Search Acumen, comments:

“A buoyant market, a prosperous future – those are the phrases that spring to mind looking at today’s statistics. As Help to Buy continues to fuel new builds across the country, we’re expecting to see the numbers for new developments and completions to remain resilient this year and into next, especially if the uncertainty surrounding the Brexit negotiations comes to a conclusion.

“But there is no room for complacency from developers, as headlines continue to proclaim the extent of the UK housing crisis: with property prices showing no sign of falling any time soon, and first-time buyers still struggling to get on the property ladder in their chosen locations, the need to keep building is acute.

“Moreover, younger prospective homeowners in particular will be looking to buy in metropolitan areas, close to transportation links and good schools. This means brownfield and previously developed land in built up areas will continue to be at a premium as we try and build on every square inch of quality land.

“If we are to fix our housing crisis and meet demand, the right places to build have to be considered carefully – and developers need to find not just more, but smarter ways to provide homes to the UK.”

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