SDLT Amendments To Conveyancing Calculator

The headline news for the property market in the Chancellor’s latest announcement is the temporary holiday on stamp duty on the first £500,000 of all property sales in England and Northern Ireland.

Until March 2021, effective immediately, the threshold has been raised which will be seen as welcome news for many property purchasers.

Within hours of the announcement on Wednesday Hoowla’s conveyancing calculator and SDLT integration was updated to support the stamp duty holiday, meaning the 30,000+ quotes each month generated through Hoowla comply with the new SDLT rate.

SDLT integrations within Hoowla’s case management software and API partners have also been updated.

Hoowla always responds fast to all changes that affect users, with the amendment to the conveyancing calculator and SDLT integrations going shortly after the chancellor announced the stamp duty change.

Their speed with which the change was implemented was appreciated by users, including Gloucester based Thomas Legal who stated:

“Hoowla have provided an excellent service. Most notably their ability to react quickly when changing their SDLT calculator within hours of the governments announcement to reduce the nil rate band meaning our business could continue quickly without issues or delay.”

The change to the conveyancing calculator means that all new quotes generated using the software display the correct level of stamp duty and, if existing quotes were requested to be amended to reflect the change, this was able to be done quickly and efficiently for the client.

If you would like to have a conveyancing quote and referral tool that is always update, or want to submit SDLT more efficiently, call Hoowla on 01792 687 146 or email [email protected] for a demo.

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