Scanning For Proclaim Users Made Fast, Simple And Effective

Post Partner is a scanning solution specifically designed to help law firms digitise their daily post. It allows users to quickly and easily scan post and upload it to their case management systems.

Post Partner looks set to significantly expand its customer base in 2020, having built a slick integration for the legal case management system Proclaim.

The Post Partner team have worked closely with the Proclaim development specialists Techedia to build the integration. The integration enables Proclaim users to:

Drop scanned documents, correctly named, directly into the task list or history of the correct Proclaim matter

Trigger workflows as appropriate according to the document type

Techedia’s General Manager, Paul Murphy, says:

“We are excited to be going into partnership with Post Partner to enable companies using Proclaim to greatly streamline their inbound post management.’

A short video demonstrating Post Partner integrated with Proclaim can be viewed below:

Post Partner’s Managing Director Tom Bailey says:

“This development will help many firms achieve the illusive “paperless” or “paper-lite” environment they strive for. Paper documents can be digitised quickly and easily as they arrive at the firm each day and will arrive seamlessly in task lists and workflows for the legal teams to be working on.
Current Post Partner clients already enjoy faster processing, fewer errors, happier administrators and reduced archiving costs. We are delighted to make this facility available to firms using Proclaim.”

Background to Post Partner’s latest development:

The Post Partner solution has been tailored to meet the particular needs of law firms and other legal businesses. It is a specialist offering designed by lawyers for the legal sector. Post Partner represents a complete scanning solution comprising the hardware (where required), the software and the bespoke programming required to join all the dots. This is facilitated by the partnerships

Post Partner developed during its pre-launch phase, including with the technology company, Brother UK who provide hardware to support the Post Partner solution.

Post Partner is of benefit to its clients because:

  • It enables law firms to maximise their case management system by capturing all documentation, rather than just digital documents;
  • The process is quick, simple, and secure;
  • The solution is quick and inexpensive to install;
  • The solution supports GDPR and Data Security best practice.

Circa 6 months post launch, Post Partner can boast a diverse client base within the legal sector ranging from ‘sole practitioner’ to ‘volume conveyancers’ and everything in-between.

Without having marketed outside the legal sector, Post Partner has also attracted attention from the Debt Management Sector, the NHS and Accountancy Firms. Post Partner has also won and completed (ahead of time and on budget) a major digitisation project on behalf of a sizable Government Contractor who handle highly sensitive data.

For further information please get in contact with the Post Partner team via [email protected]

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