Safeguard Client’s Money In Conveyancing Transactions

Friday 30th August is expected to be the busiest day of the year for conveyancers as over 6,500 Brits are expected to move home on that day alone.

Cyber criminals will prey on firm’s vulnerabilities in the hope that the stresses and excitement of this particular day will distract conveyancers enough to intercept emails and misdirect funds to the fraudsters’ accounts instead.

For many firms, cyber security is not top of the agenda, if at all, but choosing to ignore it means cyber criminals have the opportunity to steal data and your clients’ money during conveyancing transactions.

Don’t get caught out and protect your firm when transferring money.

What can your firm do to ensure criminals do not walk away with your clients’ money?

Cyber Essentials is a Government backed accreditation scheme, which is recommended by the National Cyber Security Centre as the first line of defence against cyber criminals.

Gaining Cyber Essentials certification for your firm is quick and easy and a ‘must have’ accreditation which protects firms against 80% of common cyber attacks.

Furthermore, it attracts new business by highlighting to your potential new customers that you take cyber security seriously; and certain local and national Government contracts require a Cyber Essentials certification.

Anyone who signs up to get their Cyber Essentials Accreditation through us by 31st August 2019, will receive £50 off. This offer also applies to Cyber Essentials Plus.

Sign up for Cyber Essentials this August directly through Lawyer Checker and you’ll receive £50 off. Click here to claim this offer

Lawyer Checker is a leading provider of risk management solutions to the legal sector, offering a full inclusive suite of products and services which have one thing in common – they are all designed to protect and to promote your firm.

  • Protect your firm from 60% of cyber fraud with the government backed Cyber Essential accreditation
  • Prevent fraudsters from cloning your emails with OnDMARC
  • Check the legitimacy of the firm on the other side with Account & Entity Screen
  • Verify your client is who they say they are with Thirdfort ID checker

Best wishes,

The Lawyer Checker Team

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