Why relying on referrals could mean you’re missing an opportunity

Imagine if you could boost client enquiries without having to rely on referrals. Rather than depending on someone else putting a good word in, clients would just naturally choose the services you offer, without the input of a third party.

The good news is that this is completely achievable. The bad news is that your toughest competitor is probably already doing it.

Not that long ago, word-of-mouth was everything for the legal sector, with consumers choosing their provider based on recommendation and reputation.

But this just isn’t the case anymore.

The internet has opened consumers up to choice, enabling them to search online before investing in any professional services – legal ones included.

Of course, this isn’t a secret. The shift has been recognised across the industry, with the majority of firms taking steps to create a website and hopefully attract a new wave of clients.


Whilst it’s important for any business to have an online presence, this alone will rarely be enough to encourage consumers to consider a particular service, let alone use it.

Put simply, in order to make your target audience aware of the services you offer, you need to attract them to your website in the first place. Although you might think that your services naturally stand out alongside competitors, consumers will be oblivious to the benefits of your firm unless you communicate it to them.

This is where content comes in.

Commonly hailed as ‘King’ in the marketing world, content is key when it comes to generating targeted consumer interest in an organic way. As well as boosting traffic to your site, posting the right content can help your firm stand out as leaders in your field, vital for maintaining business momentum on a long-term basis.

How does it work?

Before actively searching for a legal service provider, many consumers will choose to look online for solutions to their legal query in order to gain a better understanding of the issue. By providing the answers to these questions in the content you post, consumers will actively be drawn to your website, and in turn, the services you have to offer. As well as demonstrating that your firm is a source of legal authority, having relevant content on your website can provide a consistent flow of client enquiries, without the need to rely on referrals.

What’s the easiest way to get started?

Whilst it’s easy to see the benefits of quality legal content, finding the time to create it isn’t always as simple.

As experts in writing for the legal sector, Solve Legal Marketing can provide your firm with informative and tailored legal content, specifically designed for your target audience.

To find out how we can help your firm grow without the need for referrals, talk to us today by calling 0800 133 7127 or by emailing [email protected]

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