Regulatory Threats and Opportunities Webinar With The Cashroom And Today’s Conveyancer

Specialist legal accounting service providers, The Cashroom has teamed up with Today’s Conveyancer to talk about threats and opportunities brought about by regulatory and other change and ways in which you can overcome and take advantage of the challenges ahead. Register Now

Over the years, the legal profession has endured many difficult changes, those being vital regulatory change, plus persistent acceleration of technologically driven innovative solutions and products which has ultimately altered the legal landscape.

As a result, it is now more important than ever to focus your energies on your business and take the time to decide what your next steps are to address all the legal changes that have and will take place in the future.

Serving the legal profession, The Cashroom exists for this purpose as they provide a cost effective expert accounting service to UK law firms, comprising an outsourced legal cashiering service, and an outsourced management accounting service – serving 150 clients across the UK.

Their legal cashiering service is delivered remotely by teams of qualified cashiers and each of their clients’ own practice management system is used, as there is no need to change your system – enabling them to login remotely to run your finance function, as if they were in the same room.

Today’s Conveyancer are delighted to collaborate with The Cashroom in this webinar who collectively are highly skilled and have the experience and knowledge to educate in this complex area. They will ensure you keep up to date of accounting compliance and regulation, plus understanding the prospects and challenges that may arise by such changes in the industry.

Alex Holt, Director of Business Development at The Cashroom, will present the webinar. As a qualified solicitor, his experience spans 25 years in the legal industry. Alex became a partner in a national law firm before founding a recruitment business servicing the legal sector. He spent four years heading up legal sector strategy for one of the world’s largest IT outsourcers, and now heads up Business Development at The Cashroom – the UK’s biggest system agnostic provider of outsourced financial function for law firms.

In this webinar you will hear about the threats and opportunities brought about by regulatory and other change – with examples of what has been done in the past to take advantage of compliance and regulatory changes. Plus, what can be learnt and what can be implemented so you can take advantage of the challenges that you face during your legal profession.

Webinar Details

Title: Threats and Opportunities presented by Regulatory and other change –
Compliance is essential, but so is practical business performance

Dates: Monday 15th October 10.00am – 10.30am and Tuesday 16th October 2.00pm – 2.30pm

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Points covered in the webinar will include:

  • An example of a regulatory challenge you could face
  • Requirement of pricing transparency for conveyancers
  • New principles and rules
  • What considerations you need to have for your firm
  • Reserved work vs non-reserved work fundamentals
  • Practical benefits of such self examination
  • How to ensure regulatory change isn’t your problem

For more information on the Guidance to Solicitors’ Account Regulations 2014 click here.

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