Redbrick Insights Launched To Help Conveyancers Post Lockdown

Redbrick Solutions, the award winning conveyancing case management provider, has launched a new service to help conveyancing firms compete and succeed in a post lockdown world.

‘Redbrick Insights’ is a data driven intelligence service which provides analytics and reports on a range of key success based factors. The service is exclusively available to Redbrick clients. With over 10% of all conveyancing transactions going through their system, Redbrick Solutions are well placed to analyse the market and provide clients with pertinent statistics and success strategies.

Redbrick’s Managing Director Martin MacDuff says:

“As a business our focus initially was to support clients through lockdown with remote working and outsourced facilities, which has been very successful. More recently, our focus has been looking further into the future and ensuring client firms are in a position to maximise available opportunities post lockdown. Redbrick Insights does just that.”

One such client, DP Conveyancing and Property Law Ltd commented:

“The support from Redbrick before and during Covid-19 has been outstanding. When the lockdown was first announced and all our staff needed to start working from home within 24 hours, we needed to quickly adapt our processes and Redbrick responded instantly to help us make the changes required. Their support has made a massive difference over the last two months.”

Whilst the property sector is beginning to re-open, reduced transactions numbers should be expected for the remainder of this year, with reports suggesting anywhere from 25% – 50% below normal levels. With fewer transactions around, those firms that have survived the pandemic will need to work harder to win anywhere near their pre-lockdown levels.

The first Redbrick Insights was released two weeks ago and focused on Quote Conversion, which highlighted commonality in the highest converting firms (who converted 96% of all quotes on average) and conversely, also in the lowest converting firms (who converted 41% of all quotes on average). The strategies employed by the top converting firms are shared within the report.

The second release is due this week and covers another key area post lockdown, when firms will need to focus on unlocking cash as quickly as possible – Speed of Transactions.

If you would like to receive a copy of Redbrick Insights, please get in touch.

About Redbrick Solutions

Redbrick Solutions provide easy to use conveyancing case management, delivered by experts, to successful law firms. Assisting users at every step of the way, from the initial estimate through to invoicing the client and collecting monies, it produces letters, legal forms, bills and statements in seconds and manages risk via a transparent to-do list visible to case owners with third party links built in. Conveyancing firms will benefit from the numerous integrations such as SDLT, Outlook, AML, Searches, Land Registry eDRS, Legal Forms Library, a reporting module and secure (2FA) document sharing and case tracking portal with electronic signatures. Redbrick’s unique business model delivers frequent upgrades at no cost to clients, meaning that they always have the latest and best in technology, keep abreast of regulatory changes and future proof the firm. Progressive, successful firms embrace advancements in technology and utilise them to deliver a better service to their clients.

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