PSG’s online SDLT integration is here!

The IT development team at PSG, now supported by poweredbypie, is delighted to announce the launch of its innovative online SDLT solution. At PSG we continue to invest to develop and deliver time saving technology to support our clients and streamline your workflows. We’ve been having conversations with our clients to find out exactly what your requirements are and how we can expand our service to lighten the load.

A feature we were asked by our clients to deliver was an integrated, online Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) submissions solution. Why waste minutes logging in and out of two separate systems when you could do this whilst ordering your searches and insurance? Well good news, now you won’t have to! From today, Monday 13th November, you’ll be able to submit your SDLT forms directly from our online ordering platform PSG Connect. We’ve developed a seamless SDLT integration with Hoowla, one of our Case Management partners, to deliver a solution that is easy to follow and quick, with the added benefit of dynamic forms that flag any known errors before you send them to HMRC.

Adam Curtis, Managing Director at Hoowla said; I am really pleased PSG decided to work with Hoowla and our API to add SDLT submissions to PSG Connect. Their platform and team are really easy to work with and it’s great to work with a company that is forward thinking when it comes to technology and the conveyancing process.”

PSG Managing Director, Richard Dawson, added, “Providing excellent client service is our main focus at PSG. It’s important that we continue to deliver the systems our clients are asking for and we are delighted that this innovative online SDLT submission solution does just that.”

Why use SDLT Online from PSG?

Of course, the ability to submit SDLT online is not new to the industry, however as technology continues to evolve, the process is becoming even more efficient. Our SDLT online submission will save you save significant time and create an audit trail whilst removing the likelihood of rejections by automatically checking for errors and missing details.

The benefits include:

· Complete and submit directly from your search ordering account

· ‘Test Validation’ feature to check for any known errors in the entry before sending to HMRC

· Residential Stamp Duty Calculator – enter the property value, click the button and let us calculate and prefill the form for you.

· Your company details are pre-populated, saving you time

· Save your data for completion later

· Edit or cancel your order at any point before the submission

· Once submitted, your SDLT 5 Certificate is sent back to Connect as soon it’s been processed by HMRC

· View the status of your order in Connect at any time

· Submit your forms from your mobile or tablet device

· Print feature to keep forms on record

· Go ahead, give it a try for FREE, we only charge on successful submission to HMRC.

It’s quick, easy and means you don’t have to log into two systems to submit your forms. What could be simpler? Ask your local PSG office about our INNOVATIVE NEW SDLT feature today, or contact the National Customer Service team on 01226 246644 or email [email protected]

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