PSG Kick Start their most active year of CPD Events ever

February marked the start of PSG’s calendar of over 30 free CPD events across England & Wales in 2013.
PSG Kingston and PSG Brighton and Southampton hosted four seminars, which commenced a year of events aimed at supporting lawyers and conveyancers to achieve their annual CPD requirements.  These events were a real success and attended by well over 200 delegates.
PSG offices have already scheduled more than 30 events across the country and with others in the pipeline this will be the most active year ever for PSG in the provision of CPD.
The majority of events include 3 or 4 CPD hours and this year subjects covered include compliance and regulatory issues, mortgage fraud, building control, flooding and a wider range of topical issues than ever before.
Contributors already booked for the events include Andrew Crawford, Chris Harris, Legal Eye and GEM Legal training.
Andrea Glover, Managing Director of PSG said “PSG offices across the country see the organising of CPD events for their clients as a way of thanking them for their continued business, likewise it is a chance for conveyancers who don’t use PSG to meet with their local office Director and hear what our clients say about us.  Word of mouth and personal recommendation has always been key to our success”.
Details of events can be found by contacting your local PSG office or going to
To ensure you are on the mailing list to receive details of events as they are announced simply register via
Date Location
05/03/2013 Brighton
06/03/2013 Hemel Hempstead 
07/03/2013 Knebworth
07/03/2013 Leicester 
12/03/2013 Hammersmith
12/03/2013 Peterborough 
13/03/2013 Milton Keynes 
13/03/2013 Solihull 
14/03/2013 Huddersfield 
19/03/2013 Cardiff 
19/03/2013 Chester 
20/03/2013 Swansea 
20/03/2013 Aintree
21/03/2013 Manchester 
09/04/2013 Gatwick
10/04/2013 Farnborough
16/04/2013 Harrogate 
17/04/2013 York 
23/04/2013 Coventry 
30/04/2013 Redcar 
08/05/2013 Wimbledon 
21/05/2013 Oxford 
22/05/2013 Bristol 
23/05/2013 TBC
30/05/2013 Swindon 
04/06/2013 TBC
05/06/2013 TBC
18/09/2013 Romford

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