Providing the most comprehensive free hazard alert available

Buying a property or piece of land in an area with underlying hazards needs serious consideration. STL’s order site is unique in being able to identify hazards from all three leading environmental search suppliers.

This reduces risk for you, your firm and your client. Addresses are automatically assessed for risks. Alerts for any risks present are shown at the top of the page. You can click on them for more information.

Where a risk is identified, we will automatically recommend an appropriate search report to help you assess the level of risk, for example, the likely impact on the value or insurability of the property, or on any proposed development, or indeed on your client’s future enjoyment. The selection of alerts and appropriate searches you see can now be based on your preferences. We can tailor the site so you only see the searches you want from the suppliers you want.

Having hazards and searches displayed in this way means that the additional information you need to support the due diligence process is ordered at the outset. Your client can make an informed decision about their intended purchase, potentially saving time and money and reducing the risk of the transaction falling through.

Key features & benefits

  • automatically checks if a potential hazard is identified for the address provided
  • clearly identifies risks listed above based on data from the Environment Agency, Coal Authority, British Geological Society, Health Protection Agency, Landmark Information Group, Groundsure, FCI and other authoritative data sources
  • recommends appropriate searches, based on your preferences, which can be ordered with just a few clicks, saving time and money for you and your client
  • helps minimise your liabilities by providing information to support your due diligence upfront, protecting both your client and the lender

Next steps

To set your preferences to your preferred supplier and reports, or for more information, contact your account manager or our Help Desk on 01483 715355 or email [email protected].

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