Provide assurance with the Chancel Search from PinPoint

The medieval and arcane chancel liability is a parish anomaly that feels like the ghost of a past time, but could come back to haunt you and your client. 
The Wallbanks case in Aston Cantlow is now legend among conveyancers — soaring legal costs and liabilities finishing north of £200,000 for the homeowners unaware that owning glebe land came at a greater cost than they realised. 
But this is no longer an isolated piece of caselaw: 30 villagers in Broadway have also received unexpected letters on doormats this year seeking costs for repairs to the church. Parochial church councils across the land have until October 2013 to register these liabilities or face having to foot the bill themselves, at a time when they can ill afford it. Faced with this pressure more parishes could act before the deadline. 
GroundSure have teamed up with PinPoint to offer you an unbeatable package when combined with your residential or commercial environmental searches. 
PinPoint’s Chancel Residential Search identifies whether a property is in a Historical Parish or Tithe District where a continuing Chancel Liability exists. Where no liability is identified, the search automatically includes an Aviva £3million Peace of Mind Policy within the cost. 
Search results are returned in minutes by email. The policy is valid for 25 years and can be passed to the successor in title. Commercial property searches and insurance are also available. 
Complete peace of mind for your client, complete protection for your practice, lenders and future owners — all delivered in an effective due diligence package. For more information about our chancel package contact us at [email protected] or call 08444 159 000.
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