Protect your clients with the Searches UK Buyer Protect scheme

A recent article from Estate Agent Today has uncovered figures stating that one in four house sales have fallen through in the first quarter of 2015. Add this onto the already stressful process of moving house, and you could be facing some very unhappy, not to mention out of pocket clients, as well as a potential loss of future business.

Searches UK can help you take away some of that stress and offer your clients peace of mind, with a bespoke reimbursement scheme that will cover them for certain expenses, should the purchase fail to proceed.

Searches UK offer a unique Buyer Protect scheme, that when added to any search package will cover your client for up to £2,050.

With Buyer Protect from Searches UK, your clients could be reimbursed the following:

  • Up to £500 in non-refundable, mortgage lender arrangement fees, product and booking fees
  • Up to £750 in valuation fees (homebuyer, structural surveys, etc.)
  • Up to £800 in solicitor’s fees and disbursements costs

The Buyer Protect product is quick and easy to add onto any search pack when placing your client’s search orders through Searches UK and is effective immediately.

The Buyer Protect reimbursement scheme will cover costs for a multitude of reasons, including, if the mortgage lender applies a retention on the mortgage for the property and the figure exceeds 5% of the sum your client has offered and which had originally been accepted, or if the property is withdrawn from sale by the vendor due to reasons beyond your client’s control.

Full details of the Searches UK Buyer Protect scheme can be viewed at

Managing Director at Searches UK, Andrew Stenning commented:

“We always encourage our clients to let us have their suggestions for better products and service requirements and we do all that we can to act upon the feedback we receive. This latest addition shows our continued commitment to offering our clients a greater choice of products that fit their needs whilst saving them and their clients’ time and money.”

Visit Searches UK’s new website at: or contact us to speak to one of our expert search assistants on, 0800 043 1815 or email: [email protected].

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