How to predict flood risk more accurately to mitigate risk

In March 2020, we wrote about this topic as the UK had just experienced “the wettest February on record.”

2021 has already had it’s share of heavy rainfall and flooding:

  • The Met Office reports that “Storm Christoph brought some heavy, and at times record-breaking, rain to parts of the UK. Provisional figures show Honister, in Cumbria, received 123.8 mm of rainfall on Tuesday (19th Jan), a new daily rainfall record for this winter and 2021.”
  • According to, “Around 2,000 families evacuated their homes in parts of Manchester and Merseyside, England, and Wrexham in North Wales after heavy rain from Storm Christoph caused rivers to rise overnight, 20 to 21 January 2021.”
  • The Guardian reported in February that “a series of flood alerts have been triggered as parts of the UK record more than a month’s rainfall in 26 hours.”

With concern about mitigating flood risk increasing across the country, who can afford not to fully investigate it when buying a new home? Last year’s three major storms caused chaos across the country. Ciara, Dennis and Jorge flooded over 3,000 homes and resulted in the deaths of five people. This year, Storm Christoph resulted in 400 homes being flooded.

With the building of more houses on flood plains, it’s more important than ever to investigate environmental risks before proceeding with any property transaction. As The Guardian stated in February, “more than 5m homes in England are at risk of flooding, and yet one in 10 new homes are being built in high-risk flood areas.  Modern land development and planning practices aim to mitigate these risks, but that doesn’t mean they are fully controlled and climate change analysis remains a highly important consideration.

Limit damage, stress and danger with a comprehensive assessment of risk

We can help you offer your clients a comprehensive assessment of flooding risk in a clear and easy-to-read format. Landmark Flood is one of the reports that we offer and provides a comprehensive and clear analysis of flood risk, and includes a full evaluation by Argyll expert flood consultants for high-risk sites. As you talk through the risk assessment and any ramifications with your client, you can help them make the best decision for themselves and their families.

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