poweredbypie Sees Rise in Interest in Secure Online Conveyancing Communication Tool

Search and software provider poweredbypie, has seen a significant rise in interest in its online communication tool Document Portal, which enables simple and secure electronic exchange of all documentation within the conveyancing process.

Carole Ankers, chief product & technology officer, poweredbypie confirms:

“Document Portal is part of our Brighter Law toolkit which enables conveyancers to calculate and generate automatic, branded quotes through their website: order local regulated searches with just a couple of clicks and now, exchange sensitive documentation securely.

“Launched earlier this year, Document Portal was designed to speed up the conveyancing process by eliminating the need to print and post.  It is an online portal which removes the risk of fraud by providing secure 2 Factor Authentication to store and share legal documents which are accessible only to those with authorised access.  With remote working becoming a necessity during lockdown and many firms continuing to operate in this way, conveyancers immediately saw the value of being able to communicate and exchange documentation with clients securely, without the need to meet in person.”

Information released with the recent LexisNexis Bellwether 2020 report confirms that: “many firms have found that the crisis affords a once-in-a-generation opportunity to update their working practices. 86% agree that COVID-19 provides an opportunity for innovation.”  The report goes onto state: “This is a moment of opportunity for law firms. Those that don’t adapt to new technology risk being left behind.”

Carole Ankers continues:

“We believe it is no coincidence that interest Document Portal has now surged.  This has been further driven by the confirmation that the Land Registry will accept witnessed electronic signatures on documents relating to transfers of ownership of property, leases, mortgages and other property dealings from 27 July 2020.  In the past week alone, we seen an all-time high in conveyancing firms requesting access a virtual tour of Document Portal to learn more about the benefits it offers for conveyancing teams and their clients.”

Chris Thomson, partner, McKeag & Co Solicitors explains:

“As a beta client for Document Portal, we recently had a homebuyer register for Document Portal for a new property transaction.  They got the client care pack, opened the documents, signed and returned them securely within two hours!  With this communication typically taking a week or more through the post, suddenly, we can see how to make the, often stressful, process of buying a new home much more convenient for customers, giving us as a law firm a real competitive edge and saving time throughout the workflow of the transaction. Online communication has become even more important recently and Document Portal now offers a convenient option to stay safe and communicate with our clients securely.”

Ankers continues:

“With an increasingly digitally aware customer base, Document Portal also provides a better value proposition for law firms.  Clients now expect to be able to communicate remotely and the solution offers a further and significant step towards achieving safe digital conveyancing.”

Document Portal is easy to set up and designed to be as user-friendly as possible.  A document portfolio can be created which includes intuitive, editable forms and digital signature facility provided by the leading eSignature brand DocuSign.  Not only does this provide a secure, streamlined environment for client data, it also highlights to the client exactly what information needs to be filled-in, first time, every time.  White label branding results in a seamless customer journey: from getting a quote in poweredbypie’s online calculator tool, to eSigning in Document Portal.

To book a free demonstration of Document Portal or join a webinar covering secure communication please see: https://poweredbypie.co.uk/lp/book-your-training.html

For further information please see: www.poweredbypie.co.uk


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