Podcast – The impact of environmental liabilities

Begonia Filgueira discusses with Professor Lee a recent deal which consisted in the refinancing of a number of sites where environmental liabilities, specifically contaminated land, were a very large concern for all parties to the transaction. 
The podcast discusses how environmental reports can come alive years later for lawyers and the consultant, the importance of post-data interpretation and getting it right the first time.
Interviewee — Professor Robert Lee
A professor in environmental law at the University of Exeter’s Law School, Robert is an expert on regulation, including environmental regulation and regulation of biotechnology and biomedicine. He previously worked for two top 10 UK law firms and remains a professional development consultant. Professor Lee is editor of Environmental Law Monthly, environmental editor of the Journal of Business Law, and Analysis Editor of the Journal of Environmental Law.
Interviewer — Begonia Filgueira

Begonia is a co-director and founder of ERIC. She is a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. Begonia advises businesses on environmental regulation including compliance, know how, common law issues, environmental liabilities and contaminated land. She is a visiting senior lecture at Exeter University and City University London. 

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