Play your (Christmas) cards right

The season to be merry has arrived and with it comes the annual question of how you should recognise and thank customers for their support during the year.

Should you send physical printed cards? Gifts? An e-card? An e-card with a promise to donate the cash, that would have been spent on cards, to charity?

Each organisation is, of course, different and the decision will depend in part on the size of your customer base, whether you have a high volume of customers of equal value or whether there is a ‘VIP’ collection of key accounts that you’d like to give some extra attention.

Here at Solve Legal Marketing, we specialise in advising businesses in the legal sector on how to attract and retain clients. However high tech the world becomes, the old adage that ‘people buy from people’, holds true. Sending a Christmas message in recognition of the value you place on those relationships is a valuable activity, and shows that you appreciate your customers. They do have a choice over the businesses they work with and you’re one of them – so that’s worth marking on its own!

Maintaining and nurturing good client relationships throughout the year is vital to any business. This is even more significant in the world of professional services, where becoming a trusted adviser is key. So even as many forms of legal advice become more and more commoditised, Christmas is still a great opportunity to show that you really do appreciate the support of clients and customers.

For many people, there is still something special about a specially-selected or even specifically-designed Christmas card, signed in real ink by you and possibly even your team. The fact that you’re making the extra effort to organise and post a physical card will make your organisation stand out, especially as so many companies are cutting back on ‘niceties’.

Ecards are another option. These can be great if you have a lot of customers, and producing, signing and sending a high volume of physical cards in the post would be impractical. Many clients will genuinely appreciate this choice as more environmentally-friendly than a physical card.

Then there’s the charitable aspect. If you are going to donate an amount of money in lieu of buying cards then some thought needs to be given to which charity should be selected. If your organisation already has a ‘Charity of the Year’ or a connection with a local charity, then this could be the obvious choice. Alternatively, why not ask staff to put forward a charity and take a vote on the winner? Your staff will feel involved and likely even proud of the place where they work as a result. Many of Solve’s clients are professional advisers and so charities that support educational aims, open up the professions to disadvantaged groups, or support young people with learning disabilities might make sense.

Whatever option you choose remember to think laterally. It’s not just the people who pay the bills directly that matter! Those who introduce or refer work or key suppliers who are critical to your business all deserve a slice of Christmas cheer.

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