Personal or Official?

Here at Conveyancing Data Services we are all about service, good communication, flexibility and great customer experience.

We know that when it comes to delivering searches that speed is of the essence.

We offer both Official and Personal Searches. An Official Search is carried out by the staff employed by the relative company/council and a Personal Search is conducted by one of our highly skilled Agents who directly visit the company/council and examine the record they hold.

It is quite often the case that a Personal Search can be processed quicker than an official one.

For example Wessex Water take 7-10 days to return requested information to us but our personal searches take between 3-5 days and we can do our best to prioritise urgent cases when needed.

Our Personal Water Search is only £31.20 inc VAT (with discounts available for ordering this as part of a search pack) and the Official Search from Wessex is £46.38 inc VAT.

So not only is it cheaper for CDS to undertake a Personal Search but we can also return the search results back to our clients quicker.

We want to make sure our clients are guaranteed a fantastic customer experience so if you have any queries on whether a Personal or Official Search is a more responsive and a more cost effective way of returning results back to you then please contact us.

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