Pearson Hards goes for Ochresoft option

Legal workflow specialist, OchreSoft, has announced further success for its Intelliworks Conveyancing solution, with Surrey firm Pearson Hards Solicitors going live earlier this month.
Pearson Hards has deployed an end-to-end conveyancing solution comprising Cloud-based content enabled workflows and Quotes module, with the Virtual Firm customer portal targeted as the next phase of system development.
Partner Hatice Mustafa explains: “Like every High Street firm, we’re conscious that we can’t just sit back and rely on the business always being there. There are new competitors targeting our core private client markets so we have to ensure that we do everything possible to both retain existing clients and attract new ones, looking for that mix of professional but personal service.
By introducing Intelliworks Conveyancing, we’re securing an instant step-change in the efficiency and consistency of our operations but most importantly, we’re getting back quality time to spend with the clients and to invest in business development. Customer care has always been a driving force within the firm and we see Intelliworks as a powerful complementary tool to those efforts. It has also lifted a huge compliance burden off the practice, again freeing up resource for more added value activity.”
Ochresoft’s Pauline Freegard believes that Intelliworks is increasingly becoming a catalyst for change: “In firms where we’re essentially replacing a manual system, the change isn’t just limited to how conveyancers actually process their work day-to-day. You see a real change of attitude too: because everything is done for them — the workflows, the precedents, the forms, all the updates —
they are freed from that administrative and compliance burden, and can instead shift their focus to right where it’s meant to be, on the service delivery and customer experience.” 
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